Robot Vacuum Cleaners- The iRobot Roomba

One of the best purchases I made in the past few years  was the iRobot Roomba – a robotic vacuum cleaner.
The Roomba  is a great little machine that can vacuum while I get on with updating this website
Paying for a cleaner is a “luxury” that I have never felt justified the cost  – but the Roomba can save hours of boring vacuuming every week for a lot less than paying someone else to do it.

In these “credit crunch” times – many people who do employ a cleaner might be thinking of cutting costs – well the Roomba will help.

Irobot Roombas are  available here at Amazon with free delivery to Ireland.

With it’s recharging dock – I  just set the iRobot Roomba  going in a room and it cleans the floor better than I do – under beds is it’s speciality. No need to move furniture – it is clever enough to work around that too. The odd rug needs taking up  because sometimes it can lift the corners and get stuck.