Sony Xperia Z Price Comparison In Ireland

The new Sony Xperia Z is the hottest smartphone in Ireland right now, after getting the jump on the likes of the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 the Xperia Z is rumored to have sold around 4.6 million units worldwide in the last 40 days. The phone has received universal praise for its high quality design, HD camera and screen, great battery, perfect sound quality and revolutionary water resistance. The phone is selling like hot cakes in Ireland right now, so much so that Vodafone has zero stock left, here’s a price comparison for the Xperia Z for the remaining three Irish phone companies.

As far as I can see Meteor currently have the best bill pay offer in Ireland for the Sony Xperia Z. For €49 per month over 24 months you receive unlimited calls and unlimited texts as well as 5Gb of data per month, on top of this you get a free Xperia Z. There is also a slightly cheaper option which is €45.74 per month over 24 months with a free phone but your usage is cut to 200 minutes and 200 texts, I feel is is worth paying the extra €3.25 per month for the unlimited plan just for the peace of mind you will have knowing you can’t go over your contracted minutes.

If you live in Ireland and you’re thinking of buying the Sony Xperia Z then the Meteor offer is by far the best in the country. It outshines both offerings from O2 and Three in both value per month and the cost of the smartphone. Stocks of the ‘Z’ are expected to run out quite quickly so if you fancy picking up this amazing piece of technology don’t take your time.

Alternatively the Xperia Z is currently available SIM-free from for £490, which is around €570.

O2 seem to have the worst offering of the bunch when it comes to the Xperia Z, currently a mid-level 24 month contract with the mobile giants will set you back €50 per month as well as a €189 charge for the phone itself. The ‘Choice 800’ plan will get you a choice of 600 mins and 200 texts, 400 mins and 400 texts or 200 mins and 600 texts per month as well as free O2 to O2 calls and texts and 1Gb of internet.

Three Ireland have a slightly better Xperia Z offer, it can be picked up for €40.66 per month over 24 months and a €79 charge for the phone. The ‘Classic Flex Max’ contract will get you 350 ‘flexi units’ and unlimited data, one flexi unit is the equivalent of one minute of calls or two texts to any network. With three you also get free calls to people on the same network and 333 internet texts.