Samsung Galaxy Mega Rumored Specifications

Following the success of their Galaxy S and Note range of smartphones Samsung is set to release the ‘Galaxy Mega’ in the upcoming months. The ‘Mega’ is set to be even bigger than the ‘Note’ which is one of the biggest smartphones or phablets on the market, it will have a 5.8 inch HD screen and have dimensions of 164 x 83.8 x 9.7mm. It will likely be powered by Android 4.2 as well as a dual-core processor.

It remains to be seen if there is a place in the market for a phone of this size which is really pushing the line between a phone and a tablet. Samsung are yet to confirm the Galaxy Mega’s release date but you can be sure that Ireland will be among the first few countries to experience the product. If you are looking for a slightly larger smartphone and can’t wait for the Mega, the Galaxy Note 2 is not only one of the best large smartphones but hands down one of the best phones available in Ireland at the moment. It is available, SIM-free over at now.