Samsung Galaxy Camera

The Samsung Galaxy Camera is Samsung’s latest product which is making waves in the technology world. It is definitely one of the most innovative cameras on the market right now and is sure to change the way that they are made for years to come. The device itself is basically a Galaxy S3 without the phone function but with a high-spec camera instead, the way is separates itself from other cameras is the fact that it runs an Android operating system and has wi-fi and optional 3G, giving it unrivaled connectivity. This means that the Galaxy Camera can do many things that other cameras cannot, for example you can post a high quality photo online or send it to a friend just seconds after taking it. You also get a huge 4.8 inch HD display which, because of Android, is very quick and easy to navigate. In terms of the actual camera, it is 16 megapixel with a 1/2.3-inch sensor and a huge 21x optical zoom. Samsung has also catered for all types of photographer, for the amateur there are preset functions which will suit almost every occasion and for the more seasoned user all the settings are manually adjustable with the changes being displayed in real time on the HD screen.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Camera has a very high quality camera this is not where it sets itself apart from the crowd, it is by far the most connected camera on the market as well as being easy to use, fun and not too expensive. It is perfect for the photography enthusiast who’s smartphone just isn’t cutting it in terms of image quality or for the photographer who wants to have instant access to the web through their camera on the go.

The Samsung Galaxy camera is available in Ireland through amazon now.