Kindle PaperWhite Available in Ireland

Kindle Paperwhite

It has been over five years since Amazon released the Kindle, which has revolutionised the way that many of us consume books.Their newest offering, the Kindle Paperwhite, has been on sale since January in Ireland –  now you can order Kindles online  from amazon uk.

No need to order it from the USA site anymore.

The Paperwhite brings e-reading the furthest it has ever been, learning from and improving on both the original and the Kindle Touch. The device itself is both thinner and lighter than the touch, this however could be attributed to the absence of a headphone jack and the lesser storage capacity of 2Gb. Although this may seem like a downside to the Paperwhite, 2Gb of storage should be more than enough for even the most avid of readers with the ability to hold up to 1,100 books. The device comes in models both with and without built-in wi-fi, with the former you will be able to wirelessly download e-books from the Kindle store and receive recommendations for future books based on your library. Staying true to previous Kindle’s form the battery life in the Paperwhite clocks in at up to eight weeks. This should be more than enough battery life to be able to bring the e-reader on holiday without any worries of it ever running out.

The biggest change between the Kindle of five years ago and the Paperwhite is the quality of the screen resolution. With 62% more pixels the text on screen is significantly sharper and with tablets such as the iPad as competition Amazon needed to up their game.

If you are looking for a high-tech, portable entertainment system then the Kindle Paperwhite isn’t for you. The whole focus of the device is on consuming all sorts of literature wherever you may be and making the process as close to, and on many occasions, even better than the real thing. People who are used to tablets and smartphones may find the interface of the Paperwhite to be
somewhat primitive but it does everything you could want for a device with such a low price.

If you own an original Kindle and fancy an upgrade or would like to take a step into the world of e-reading then the Paperwhite is for you, it’s cheap, easy to use and the new design is bar far the best on the market right now. However if want more than just an e-reader and your bugdget is somewhat bigger then I’d take a look at some tablets such as the Nexus 7 or iPad mini.

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