Cheapest Kindle in Ireland

After the launch of the new Kindle ‘Paperwhite’ Amazon have reduced the cost of their standard and hugely successful ‘E Ink’ e-reader. Although it lacks the ultra crisp screen of it’s older brother the E Ink Kindle is by no means a sub par device, it weighs just 170 grams, can hold up to 1400 books and features built in wi-fi for downloading on the go. The Kindle series has revolutionized the way millions of people consume their literature, the ability to store thousands of titles, change font style and keep reading on the same battery charge for weeks has made it the go-to device for book lovers. Although it seems like a big leap from paper to screen your eyes won’t notice a thing, the Kindle reads exactly like paper with no back-light whatsoever, this means that reading in the sun won’t be a problem at all. On top of all this you have a unrivaled library of books at your fingertips, with e-books often at lower prices than the print version a Kindle is likely to save you money as well as time.

If you’re thinking of making the jump to e-readers then the Kindle is the perfect device, it’s a high quality product with tonnes of features and it won’t break the bank. The standard Kindle is currently a bargain £69 on, for Irish customers this equates to around €81. The Kindle also qualifies for amazon’s free ‘super-saver’ delivery to Ireland.