Buy a Samsung Chromebook in Ireland

The Chromebook is a brand new take on the laptop. They are light, compact, very reasonably priced and run the new chrome operating system.So far they are primarily made by Samsung and their ‘WiFi’ model is the most popular in the series. Chromebooks are different to regular laptops due to the fact that the chrome operating system is essentially the internet. There are no native programmes on the machine, everything is done through the browser or via apps. Chromebooks are designed to be used as a main home computer, they are for people who want quick access to the internet either at home or on the go, with the advantage of a real full-sized keyboard.They would also be perfect for anyone with limited technological experience as they are extremely simple to use.

The main advantage of the chrome operating system is safety and functionality. Because everything is done using chrome, using only google trusted software, anything out of the ordinary is immediately deleted which significantly reduces your chances of getting a virus. Also, because everything you do is synced by google, whether it’s through ‘Google Docs’ or ‘Google Drive’ you’ll be able to access your files on almost any device. Although the Samsung Chromebook only has a small 16Gb hard drive you are given access to up to 100Gb of storage on Google Drive for free.

Under the hood of the Samsung Chromebook is an ARM processor, similar to a smartphone or tablet. Although that doesn’t sound powerful for a laptop the chromebook requires very little processing power. It also has both a USB 2.0 and a USB 3.0 port along with a HDMI slot and an SD card reader. The laptop itself is extremely light and thin, weighing just 2Kg, so it’s perfect for taking anywhere.

If you like to play games or use technical programmes such as photo or video editing software then maybe it isn’t for you.  However, if you enjoy writing on the move but would prefer to be using a keyboard rather than a touchscreen, or if you would like quick and easy access to the internet wherever there is a WiFi connection then the Samsung Chromebook is the perfect device. It’s tiny price tag means that it could be purchased as a second or even third laptop for your home and it’s perfect for students to take notes in lectures without the hassle of carrying a heavy laptop all day.

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