Best ISP for Netflix in Ireland

On Monday the 11th of February online streaming service Netflix released a comprehensive list of internet service providers in Ireland and across the world, comparing average speeds. Netflix are the world’s leading internet streaming service, providing content such as films and TV shows to over 33 million people across the globe. This is a bold move which aims to ally Netflix with consumers and create a better user experience by pushing internet providers to up their game through competition. Figures have shown that Netflix accounts for around 33% of internet traffic during peak hours, however in the future they wish to roll out both HD and 3D content, so they will require the help of ISP’s.

According to Netflix the fastest broadband in Ireland for using their service at the moment is Magnet with an average speed of 2.12 Mbps, this is closely followed by UPC with 2.10 Mbps. At the bottom of the list is Vodafone and Imagine with 1.65 Mbps and 1.59 Mbps respectively. This increased competition could greatly favor the Irish consumer as the providers battle it out to top the leaderboards, it could also stop them throttling connections due to excessive downloading as Netflix becomes more and more popular.

The full Irish ISP speed index can be found here.

You can sign up for a months free trial of Netflix here.